Welcome to the Thai GNSS and Space Weather Information Data Center hosted at King Mongkut’s Institue of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL).  The Data Center serves the following purposes:

  1.  Maintain the GNSS, ionospheric and sensor database from the stations which we operate and maintain, data servers and backup. These data are important for the study of the Ionosphere, Troposphere, GPS/GNSS Positioning, Geodesy, Aeronautical navigation, Satellite communication, Earthquake study among others.
  2.  Provide the observation of the followings:
    • Solar parameters
    • Space Environment parameters
    • GNSS and Ionosphere
      • Quick-look ionogram, analyzed parameters such as foF2, h’F, M3000(F2) and Spread F  statistics, etc.
      • Slant TEC, vertical TEC
      • Scintillation (S4 index)
  3.  Provide data downloading service for research.
  4.  Develop data products from these observations and support research operations at our Laboratory.
  5. Provide NTRIP service from several GNSS stations.
  6.  Disseminate the knowledge and awareness of GNSS, Ionosphere and Space Weather Effects in our daily life such as Communication outage, Aeronautical navigation (Aviation), Power Plant disruption, Tropospheric study (water vapor), GNSS accuracy, Earthquake, Radiation dose to aircrafts, Accumulated charging on satellites among others.