(Undergrad) Projects

Space Weather Prediction

The goal of this project is to create Prediction map for Space Weather based on downloaded parameters from public database. We also develop Maximum usable Frequency (MUF) map based on IRI-foF2 values and observed foF2 values. In addition, the total electron content prediction models based on neural network and LSTM are developed.

SW Prediction: http://iono-gnss.kmitl.ac.th/?page_id=3306

ADBS quality monitoring and analysis

The goal of this project is to develop ADSB/Mode-S receivers and extract quality parameters such NUCp, NACp for analysis. The equipment is installed at three stations (KMITL, Chumphon, Laos). The wind velocities at the transmitting aircraft altitudes are also estimated.

Low-cost RTK Technology

GNSS Jamming detection and Spectrum recording

The goal of this project is to develop GNSS jamming signals based on received power levels. Once the jamming is detected, spectrum images are stored and transmitted to database.