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In general, researchers who are interested in GNSS data and Ionosonde data which are handled by KMITL can make a request by filling out the form below. If there is no objection from our partners, we will then send you the downloadable links. When publishing research works from downloaded data, you will need to acknowledge “Thai GNSS and Space Weather Information Center, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand” and the sponsor of equipment (if any) such as SEALION Project, Kyoto University, etc.

To request the GNSS or Ionosonde data (Ionograms), please click here to download the Data Request Form.

This file requests researcher(s) or student advisor(s) to fill in the information and send it back to e-mail: 

  •[at] or
  • kmathipu[at]

More information will be provided during the Data request process.

Most of GNSS data and Ionosonde data that KMITL handles are through

  1. SouthEast Asian Low-latitude Ionospheric Network (SEALION) project
  2. Coolobaration with ENRI (Japan) and AeroThai
  3. Chulalongkorn University, Kyoto University

GNSS data


Stations  RINEX GTEX Collaborated Partners  Download permission
Bangkok (KMIT) 2002 – present KMIT NICT (Japan) Yes
Chumphon (CHPN)


2005 – 2011




NICT (Japan) Yes
Chiangmai University (CIMU) 2004 – 2020 CIMU NICT (Japan) Yes
Phuket (PTAC) 2006 – 2009, 2011, 2013-2021 NICT (Japan) Yes
Nongkai (NKKI) 2008 – 2019 Chulalongkorn Univ., Kyoto Univ. Yes
Stamford Int. University (STFD) 2011-2024 ENRI (Japan) No
Aero Thai (SVBA) Aerothai No
KMITL (12-Floor-Building) (KMIE) No
Nakhon Ratchaseema (RUTI) 2018-2024 RUTI (Thailand) Yes
Cambodia (CADT) 2022-2024

ITC0 (2024-present)

NICT (Japan) Yes
National University of Laos (NUOL), Vientiane, Laos 2019-2024 NUOL NICT (Japan) Yes

GNSS Network in Thailand

Currently, the Thai government has already installed and operated over 200 GNSS stations (with more in the near future), mostly under

The integrated National GNSS data center is operational by Royal Thai Survey Department with the service to public and private customers


Department of Land

Royal Thai Survey Department, Ministry of Defense

Below is the map of projected GNSS station locations.



Source: National Subcommittee on GNSS Network meeting (1/2019)

Ionosonde Data

Stations Description Data Data Download Collaboration
Chiangmai (CMU) Ionosonde CMU Yes NICT (Japan)
Chumphon (CPN) Ionosonde CPN Yes NICT (Japan)