Research Highlights

I. Equatorial Plasma Bubble detection and performance using multi-sensor mode

  • Equatorial plasma bubble occurrence with VHF radar
  • 2-D TEC map generation over Thailand (and possibly ASEAN) and effects on improved positioning
  • Artificial intelligence for Disturbance, Spread F and Total Electron Content
  • Analysis of ionospheric parameters (foF2, h’F, NmF2, etc.) and geomagnetic K-index
  • Effects of earthquakes to Ionosphere

II. GNSS Positioning

  • Modified Klobuchar model (iono delay model) based on GNSS data
  • RTK and PPP-RTK Technology improvement using observed iono delay in the equatorial region
  • Effects of Jamming and jamming detection to GNSS

III. Augmentation Technology for Aviation in low-latitude region

  • Ground-based augmentation system (GBAS)
    • Iono gradient analysis near Suvarnabhumi International airport
    • Effects of plasma bubbles on GBAS performance (CAT I, II, III) over Thailand
  • Satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS)
    • Performance of SBAS-I and DF-MC SBAS over Thailand region